septic systems services charleston sc

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we fully understand why people use septic tanks and septic systems. The thing is, we have a better solution for the breakdown of pollutants and organic matter in wastewater, and that’s our aerobic treatment unit service. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is an aerobic treatment unit contractor serving Mt. Pleasant SC as well as providing septic services in Charleston SC and septic services in Summerville SC areas. The secret to our business is in our name: aerobic, or AIR. It may come as a surprise, but an aerobic treatment unit utilizes the properties of air to break down all the nasty ingredients in your wastewater.

Advantages Of Our Aerobic Units

Our aerobic treatment septic systems services have some special advantages over installing a septic tank, including a longer lifespan of the drain field, and larger treatment capacity than a septic tank. Our aerobic treatment unit company also has an edge over using septic tanks because an aerobic treatment unit can be installed where septic tanks are no longer functioning. All of this is to say that Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, with our aerobic treatment unit services, offers you an innovative alternative to traditional septic tanks. We are the top provider of services to aerobic septic systems Charleston SC has to offer. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing today to learn how your property could benefit more from an aerobic septic treatment unit.