Water Heater Repair

water heater repair servces in charleston south carolina with ben franklinThere are some obvious signs that you are in need of water heater repair. This often comes at a time when it is least expected, although help can be on the way in a matter of minutes. Just contact the experienced professionals at Ben Franklin Plumbing when you are in need of water heater repair in South Carolina.

There are plenty of reasons water heater repair is needed as the most obvious one is a leak. A lack of hot water is another common issue while some homeowners simply need some maintenance to improve the performance of their water heater. Whatever the issue, Ben Franklin Plumbing can get your hot water flowing again. Here is a look at the water heaters we fix:

  • Conventional water heaters – Whether it is operated by gas or electric, these water heaters come with a tank. There are a variety of repair solutions that can correct a broken valve, failing thermostat or bad heating elements.

  • Tankless water heaters – These models are becoming very popular, but they are also subject to malfunctions. Tankless water heaters may require a flame failure, buildup of minerals or a system overload.

  • Hybrid water heaters – These models are also referred to as a heat pump water heater and are susceptible to problems that include a bad fan motor or old filter. The fixes can be both complex and simple, depending upon the issue.

Professional Water Heater Replacement Services

If your hot water is coming out lukewarm or it is taking an exceedingly long time to heat up, then there is some type of problem. The team at Ben Franklin Plumbing can assess the situation and provide you with an immediate fix. However, there are some instances when repair is not an option, and that will require water heater replacement. But we will do our best to fix your problems and ensure that you get every ounce of life out of your water heater.

Water Heater Repair Services in Charleston, SC

There can be a number of issues affecting a water heater and that calls for a number of water heater repair methods. A technician at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing will provide a complete inspection of your water heater and identify the problem. The following are common issues that impact a water heater.

  • Broken thermostat – There are instances when water is not heating up, or it is heating up too much This is a prime indicator that there may be problems with the thermostat. Sporadic temperatures could mean it’s time for a new thermostat which is not a major water heater repair.
  • Electrical malfunctions – Within a water heater, there are several electrical components, many of which are subject to failure at one time or another. Wires can stop working for numerous reasons. Whether it be from corrosion or a short, electrical complications can be attended to right on the spot.
  • Cracks and dents – Sometimes, the problem with a water heater is visible. Signs of damage are pretty obvious and require immediate attention. Water heaters break down with use and the severity of that damage will usually determine whether a unit is eligible for water heater repair or needs to be replaced.

Improved Performance With Tankless Heater Devices

Tank water heaters are only likely to last about a decade while tankless varieties are made to last a bit longer than that. But that does not mean they won’t experience problems during their life span. It is always to be on the lookout for the warning signs that indicate water heater repair is needed.

  • Low water pressure
  • Leaking water
  • Unusual noises
  • Rust-colored water
  • Abnormal odors

Repairing your water heater should not be ignored because it could lead to greater problems. That could mean complete failure. In water heaters equipped with a tank, that could leave quite a mess. It could also damage other items in the same room. Failing to follow through with water heater repair could also leave you without hot water. There is never a good time for that to occur.

Our Experienced Team Can Solve Any Heater Issues

The key to being able to repair a water heater has to do with identifying the problem early. Keeping an eye on your water heater on a regular basis should allow you to catch minor issues before they turn into major ones. Keep an ear out for strange noises, and also be aware of any leakage or unusual odors. A water heater will give off warning signs before it completely breaks down and that’s when it is time to call Ben Franklin Plumbing.

When you enlist the service of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we will provide you with water heater repair service that also includes expert tips on how to prevent any future problems. Our seasoned technicians will help you understand the best way to maintain your water heater. We also provide preventative maintenance so that you won’t have to ever worry about calling at an inconvenient hour for water heater repair.

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